Glittering LA

neon_museum_entranceLA is one of the world’s most creative cities.  Its museums and burgeoning gallery scene have an experimental edge that is often missing in other cultural capitals. My uncle who loves this place and visited this place many times while working for a He gave us some tips which we are writing here. He tell us more that it boasts many of the country’s most exciting chefs and has a lively fashion and design community that creates innovative architecture, clothing and graphics.

And as if that wasn’t incentive enough to visit, LA is the perfect city to intersperse relaxing escapes into nature with metropolitan pleasures. The city has many beautiful semi-wild parks (among them Runyon Canyon, Will Rogers State Park and Griffith Park) and there is also the 22-mile long South Bay bike path that runs from Will Rogers State Beach in the north to Playa Del Rey in the south.

And half a day’s drive from the city you can experience great skiing at Big Bear, the vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara or hike in the High Mojave desert near Palm Springs.

While LA can be intimidating to the novice to navigate (at its widest it is 44 miles across) and its 10 and 12 lane highways look terrifying to the beginner, once you get the hang of the fairly slow moving freeways, it is easy to cross great distances in a little time.

-When to go

LA is a great year round destination.  Summer temperature is typically in the 80s and winter highs are in the 60s and low 70s. January and February are the rainiest months, so bring protection and winter temperatures can plunge dramatically in the evening, but who cares when you get to spend most of the day in a T-shirt?  Year round temperatures are typically a few degrees cooler at the beach and from May-June it can take most of the morning for the grey ‘marine layer’ to burn off.

-Getting around

Buses and trains: Few people think of taking the bus or subway in LA, but you may be surprised how speedy and convenient it can be in some locations.  Use the excellent LA Metro Trip Planner (see above) to find out which bus and/or metro combination gets you closest to your destination.

Cycling: For a city dominated by cars, Los Angeles has a surprising number of separate bike trails ( and over 140 miles of bike lanes and 4,000 bike racks.   The Santa Monica and Venice beach promenade is dotted with bike rental and skate rental huts.  One of the most popular bike stores is Spokes N Stuff ( 001 888 242 3971;, which rents out bikes in Santa Monica, Griffith Park and Marina Del Ray from $14.99 all day.

Taxis:  Yellow Cab Co (001 877 733 3305; and LA Checker Cab (001 310 330 3720; are two of LA’s most reputable taxi companies.

Car hire:  LAX has nearly 40 rental car companies, but only 10 have courtesy shuttles that drop off passengers at the terminals, these are Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Fox, Hertz, National, Payless and Thrifty.  You can also rent cars by the hour or day from Zipcars ( this is a convenient option if you are staying in Hollywood where most of the Zip car pick up and drop off locations are situated.

Why to visit Canyon? – Book your order before it’s too late

gcr_01Visiting other places is fun especially if the tour is through a helicopter. It adds more pleasure when landing on the West Rim, the only place allowed for landing your helicopter in Canyon. My friend jack at a visit to largest corn maze was telling me that West Rim tour is included in my favorite list of the places where I always want to go. The place is filled with lots of amazing things to see. During the tour, enjoy a better helicopter descent over 3000 feet to the Canyon floor. Your chopper will get down near the Colorado River. So, enjoy the river as well when landing there.

If you need to have a deluxe version of this tour, consider placing your order in this regard. When choosing the deluxe tour, you will get some other extra benefits too. Vegas Strip is the one from where the deluxe tour lifts off. You may need some services concerning pick up and drop off, so consider ordering a limousine that facilitates so. Tourists prefer flying on a luxury helicopter that provides them a quieter ride as well as more personal space in the cabin made roomy enough. Make sure the seat is near the window from where you can see the Earth and enjoy the scenes.

Don’t miss the Skywalk

The Skywalk contains attractions more than any other place in the world. Visitors shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting this location especially when they arrived with their kids. It’s a large viewing platform constructed of steel and glass.


The floor of the place is very clean. If you view from this area, you will feel more excitement than any other platform that’s why the place is regarded one of the most visited points in the canyon. Every tourist who visits West Rim won’t want to miss the opportunity of viewing this site because of the combination of thrilling adventure and fantastic views.  

Some tips to follow

The temperature of Vegas and Canyon is approximately same meaning the heat you may feel will alike. It leads you to be prepared for potential heat ahead of time. Take some lightweight clothes, some sunscreens, and other required stuff along with you when visiting this area. Don’t forget to wear a hat and consider having sunglasses in order to avoid sunburn.
Since the tours to Canyon are very popular and lots of people rushing into booking their tours, hurry up in placing your order ahead of time.

An affordable travel destination for tourists – Thailand

Thailand attracts more tourists than any of the countries in Southeast Asia. It’s a destination that has everything: beautiful beaches, impressive culture, ruins and temples, real relics of long gone kingdoms, unexpected culinary tastes and oriental hospitality. Few people know that until 1949 the country was called Siam. “Thai” means “freedom” in the local language, and Thailand “country of freedom” or “the land of the free.”And if you take early a flight ticket for a holiday in Thailand , the prices are very attractive! Here you can relax on white sandy beaches, washed by crystal clear ocean or you can go in search of adventure. Great Andaman Islands offer a fantastic “field” for all scuba diving enthusiasts.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most affordable travel destinations for a perfect exotic vacation.The offers of many travel agencies demonstrate this through various travel packages adapted to individual budgets.

Most of the tourists arrive here at the end of the rainy season in November, but Thailand is actually a destination for all year round. In April, you can be oriented to Kohl Samurai, which is on the other side the Peninsula.Even in the middle of the rainy season, the torrents only takes a few hours a day, usually in the afternoon, allowing you to enjoy the beach and sea. If you want to enjoy the silence, you can come here in summer, because the resorts are much less agitated during the summer.

Landmarks in Thailand

If you arrive in Thailand, you can not miss these attractions. This country has several “must see” objectives.

KO Chang-Gulf Islands are perfect for a family trip. The adventurers will definitely want to see wildlife in Kohl Phalanges, and the drivers should not miss KO Tao. Whatever you want from your holiday, Thailand offers the perfect mix of nature, beach, relaxation, fun and local color.

The Pagoda Pia Pathos Cheri is the tallest Buddhist monument in the world and it has a length of about 1,000 years. You will be able to admire the trained elephants and the traditional Thai dances.

The Wat Pho Temple (Temple of Reclining Buddha) is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and it is the largest temple in Bangkok . It is called so because here is the giant statue of Reclining Buddha, a gold plated statue, 15 meters high and 46 meters length.

The cruise on the Pa Sal River to the Bang Pa Inn is a great example of Thai architecture. Here you can visit the Summer Palace of the Kings of Thailand.

Ketchup is the largest island of Thailand.Here you can see a botanical garden and a large aquarium with exotic fish.

The Grand Palace is one of the most visited locations in Bangkok. It is a complex of temples, palaces and official buildings.

Thailand is blessed with such a rich nature so, it can satisfy the tastes of everyone,Hundreds of islands, thousand miles of beaches and millions of hectares of tropical and subtropical forests make it a great destination . The multitude of tourist attractions and accessible prices also make Thailand an affordable travel destination . The tourists, fascinated by the Asian exoticism take advantage of these facilities and visit annually this jewel of Asia.

Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington, DC, our political center. Many are reluctant to label this unique piece of land a city, although it doesn’t quite make state-status. The amusement that a visit to DC can provide you depends mostly on how interested you are in our politics and our rich history.

 One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of friendliness towards tourists in the city. I wasn’t quite expecting the hospitality found in the majority of its areas, even by state officials for whom being stern and serious is part of their job description.

 A tourist-friendly place after all

 I tried to get in as many tourist groups as possible during my few days there, with the goal of visiting as many historical monuments and structures of note as possible – hopefully, there would also be some good selfies.

 I wasn’t disappointed, as I got to visit just about every major part of the city, from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House itself. Although I didn’t get to see our president, the visit was still a very eventful one – aside from pictures that I’m hoping to hold onto for decades, I also got a glimpse of several of our notable politicians, some beloved and some not-as-much.

Care Full Tips to Consider for traveling

Whether you want to travel abroad or around the world, it is important to know care full tips for traveling. By considering these tips, you are guaranteed to enjoy your traveling journey and make it a success. In today’s article, I walk you through some great travel tips to help you have a beautiful moment while traveling.

Early rise in the morning

Wake up at sunrise to get the best attractions while avoiding crowds. Morning times are a magical time for you to take photos. The early rise will help you avoid being left by the bus. Life is short to be angry and annoyed all the time. Have you ever missed your bus? If you are traveling to sketchy areas, morning hours are the perfect time.

Backup all your important things

When my phone and a laptop was stolen in Dubai, having everything important backed up saved my life. I did not regret since all my documents and photos were backed up. Ensure that you keep all your physical copies of your passport, driver’s license, serial numbers, phone numbers, health insurance card and birth certificate are ready to go in case of an emergency.

Plan in advance for your accommodation

Another great care full tips for traveling. You can’t be traveling to a place where you have not arranged where you will stay. Make sure that you have accommodation booked before you Land in your new visited place; doing this allows you to avoid any problems that may arise since you clearly know where exactly you will spend your night.

Embrace the culture

Learn to respect and appreciate the culture of the country you are visiting. Perhaps, it will be different from yours, but isn’t that the reason for traveling? Maintain an open mind, learn, and interact with the locals of the country you have visited. Start conversations with the local people. Communicating using a Basic English is easier. Make jokes with them, and surely they will love you, and you will enjoy your journey.

Volunteer your time

Try to dedicate some of your time to worthwhile projects when traveling. Not only is it a fantastic and rewarding experience, but you will get a nice opportunity to learn more about the people and the country while increasing the list of your friends.

Get an excellent backpack

Ensure you purchase a good backpack that makes you feel comfortable. Before you start the journey, ensure it tighten and rests lightly on your shoulders.

These are some of the best care full tips for traveling you should consider if you are planning to visit a new city or country. Hope you will enjoy, goodbye!